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Subject: Family Debt - Part TwoThe story is pure fiction. Comments and communication are
welcome - and thank you to all those who kindly contacted
me about Part One.Family Debt - Part TwoIt wasn't much of a choice. Suck off my father-in-law now
in front of my family or a string of fellow cons in front
of the whole cell block once I was sentenced. It wasn't
that simple, of course. It was obvious this wasn't going
to be the end of it, but I was frantically rationalising
and letting tomorrow take care of itself when tomorrow
comes. I looked over at Claire."You're actually going to do it, aren't you?" she said,
her eyes wide."There're things you don't know about your husband,
Claire," Tom said. "Things perhaps you should know.""Such as?" she asked contemptuously, turning her face
coldly to him.He reached down and picked up the second envelope. He
extracted the thick wad of paper and photographs that
were the contents and thumbed through them. I watched him
nervously as he selected a sheet of paper full of
printing."One of his internet conversations," he said, passing it
across. "The chatter called cockwhore is John, and the
other two are both men. All fantasy, of course. He hasn't
had the guts to make his fantasies reality. So you could
day I'm doing him a favour."I watched her read it, her face slowly changing. Disgust
replaced contempt."Then there's these," Tom said, spreading a collection of
photographs across the table. "Samantha printed them off
for me, from John's computer but she could have done so
from any of the sites he's contributed them to. I take it
they were not done with your consent."I cringed inside as she stared at the photos in horror.
Some had our bedroom as a background and others the
bathroom - the money I had stolen from Tom had bought
some very sophisticated surveillance equipment. All of
them were of her, and in all of them she was nude or
nearly so. I was relieved, at least, that he hadn't
produced any of those of Dawn, but then realised that he
was doubtlessly holding them for later. And I also
remembered at that point that I had taken some of
Samantha when she was staying with us, and those she
would definitely have seen."You shit!" Claire spat at me. "You lousy little shit!""I must say you have a good body for your age, Claire,"
Tom said, smiling. "Very nice indeed.""I don't really think that's an appropriate comment from
you, Dad," she said haughtily.He laughed. "You still don't .understand, do you?" he
said. "The definition of what is appropriate has changed
drastically, and it'll be me writing the definitions from
now on."He pulled another photo from the wad and laid it out.
This one was of me, though unlike those of Claire this
was headless. Claire looked at it confused, and then he
hand shot to her mouth as she cast me another venomous
glance."That's my underwear he's wearing," she said, shaking her
head in disbelief"I know," Tom said smugly. "There was a sequence of shots
of you getting dressed in your bedroom where those were
what eventually came off."He peeled off another photo and laid it beside the first.Claire looked again, it seemed with more interest as the
revelations about me grew."Those are not mine," she said. "But I do recognise
them."She thought for a moment, and then turned her head to me
once more. There was a new look in her eyes, one I
couldn't quite interpret. Some part of her was definitely
changing, had changed over the past ten minutes and was
continuing to change. Shock, maybe. Or perhaps something
else. I couldn't tell."That bra and those panties are Dawn's," she said
apparently calmly. "You've been wearing your own
daughter's bbs lolita sites portal underwear and taking photos of yourself."I nodded, unable to speak."Your three minutes is just about nude little angel lolitas up," virgin lolita bear hug
Tom said, but
neither of us turned at the sound of his voice."Go suck Daddy's cock," she said levelly. "I think you
deserve it, you little faggot. And I think I deserve to
watch."There was the sound of a key in the door. It was now or
never. The decision that was going to decide the rest of
my life, and my family's, had to be made this very
second. I pushed myself off the sofa and dropped to my
knees in front of Tom. I looked up into his face and saw
the triumph there, and then down at the still limp cock
flopping across his lap. Close to, it looked even more
old and gnarled. bbs lolita sites portal
In my fantasies it had always been a
young and attractive cock that would first take me, but
that was fantasy and this was reality. I took it in my
hand, feeling the clamminess of his skin, and without
thinking took the head into my mouth. It felt alien and
strange there, and I almost jumped when it grew a little.I heard Tom chuckle, and then the voices of Steve and
Dawn chatting as they came into the house. Their voices
cut off suddenly, and there was an unnatural silence."Evening, Samantha," Tom said. "Perfect timing. As you
can see, John has made the choice we expected him to.
Hello, you two. How was the bowling?I kept my head down, knowing the sight I must be
presenting to my children and wanting above all else not
to have to look at them. But I could feel my own lolita castle preteen models cock
getting hard inside my trousers, and excitement rising in
me at the very same thought of what they were seeing.
Their father at their 10yr lolita nude pics grandfather's feet, his cock in my
mouth. A cock that had now grown stiff and hard. Tom was
evidently enjoying the situation."What the.." It was Steve who found his voice first.Tom chuckled again. "This, Steve?" he asked. "You
wondering why your daddy is sucking your grand pappy's
dick? Well, of course you are. But all will become clear
in time. Samantha, could you and Claire take the kids
into the kitchen and give them something to eat? And
explain the situation to them, and their own choices in
the matter?""It'll be pleasure, Dad," I heard Samantha say, and I
could imagine the smirk on her face that underlay the
words. ""Come on, Claire. Let's leave the boys to their
fun for a while."I sensed them all leaving, and heard Samantha herding
them out of the room. I wondered how I was ever going to
look Steve and Dawn in the face again."I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your family,
John," Tom said quietly. "But I'll tell you now that that
you don't know the first thing about sucking a cock.
Still, you'll learn in time. You'll get plenty of
practice, on me and others, and you'll learn or suffer
the consequences. Now stand up."I let his subsiding cock fall from my mouth and rose to
my feet. I could still taste his cock on my tongue, as if
I always would. He looked up at me, and smiled."Claire seems to have started thinking that this is all
about you," he said. "That only you will be paying the
price of the two of you living dishonestly off me all
these years. And she's angry with you over the photos you
took of her and posted on the net, innocent sexy lolita porn so that's alright by
her. She always was one for putting up the blinkers. "He
picked up one of the nude photos of her from the table
and studied it, gently stroking his cock as he looked at
it. "But she'll be getting a rude awakening soon enough.""Why do you have to involve Steve and Dawn, Tom?" I
asked. "They didn't know I was stealing from you. Claire
did, but they didn't.""Because I want to," he said, matter-of-factly. "And
because I can. I am offering them a reasonable deal,
John. Very reasonable. A good education paid for by me,
better than the one they're getting now, until they are
old enough to fend for themselves. And all they have to
give up are the luxuries paid for with money stolen from
me. They have a choice, though I think I know which way
they will go."So did I. Much as I loved them, even I had to admit that
they were spoilt rotten."Strip," Tom said suddenly, startling me.I began to obey without even thinking about it. Within
minutes I was standing stark naked there in the in the
living room before him."Good boy," he said, looking me up and down. "I think you
are going to learn very quickly." He reached forward and
picked up the photo of me in Dawn's pale blue bra and
panties. "Go to Dawn's room and find these," he said. "If
they are not in the drawer, look in the washing basket.
Then come back here."My time for arguing was past. I knew that the die was
cast now, and nothing was ever going to change the score.
Meekly, I walked naked from the living room and up the
stairs to Dawn's room.
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